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We offer the following home services:

  • Animal Droppings/Feces Removal
  • Attic Restoration/Insulation
  • Attic/Soffit/Louvre Vent Screen Guards
  • Bees, Wasps, Hornets

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Animal & Wildlife Control in Sarasota/Fort Myers, FL

Invest in professional North Fort Myers, FL, animal and wildlife control at the first sign of problems. The animals that look cute in the woods could damage your home, but you can count on Critter Control of Ft. Meyers - Sarasota for efficient and thorough services. We treat our clients with respect and courteous service.

There’s no reason to let animals live in your attic or take over your crawlspace. We use humane methods that are better for the animals and the environment. After carefully assessing your house, we’ll develop a complete treatment plan that includes closing off entrance points, removing the current animals, and even cleaning up their droppings. You can count on our locally owned and operated company for help with:

  • Bats and birds
  • Raccoons, squirrels, opossums, rodents, and skunks
  • Snakes

Call our North Fort Myers, FL, animal and wildlife control company Monday - Sunday, 8:30am - 6:00pm. We’re looking forward to helping you, and we hope that you’ll be impressed with the high-quality work from Critter Control of Ft. Meyers - Sarasota. You don’t have to spend another moment tolerating the invasive animals because we’ll work hard to evict them.

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To contact the North Fort Myers office, please complete the form below. For an immediate response please contact a representative at: 239-731-6255.

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